puch piston ring question

Hi all, i accidentally cracked a ring tonite while taking my cylinder apart. I was curious as to if i would be able to go anywhere locally(ie. lawnmower shop) to get a replacement part. I do realize i could order this thru the moped junkyard however im terribly impatient and want to be back on my ped again tomorrow :) anyway, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. thanks -chris

Re: puch piston ring question


just run it with one ring until you get another one.

it will run ok

Re: puch piston ring question

Jason Luther /

if it was the lower ring that broke, then if you _had_ to ride it, it should be okay just on the top ring. as far as finding one it would be very difficult. it has to be a very specific diameter, thickness and end gap. just order a set (if they are cheap, which i think they are, i would order two pair) that way you know for sure its right. check ikes bikes or mopedwarehouse. mopedjunkyard is wwaayyy more expensive.

Re: puch piston ring question

you can usually go to a Honda dealership with the old ring and piston and they can match up the size

Re: puch piston ring question

thanks so much guys, ill try all of that out

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The last two are in the Netherlands, the first one is in Michigan, I believe. I own 2 and a half PUCHs. It took me a very long time to find these sites! Hope it helps! I need to order some myself. -Dave

Re: puch piston ring question

John Joedicke /

Call Ikes Bikes 1-937-446-2115 before 2:30 in the afternoon.

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