Signal blinkers all offline! Help (agian!)

Blayne Scott /

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the helpful advice on getting my Black Tomos LX (2004) mopeds headlight working again. Today, a new issue cropped up:

My blinkers (signal lights) all stopped working. All four of them! Even the 'dashboard' that lights up green when the signal lights are either on (Right or Left) is off.

What can I do to fix this issue?

Tonight I had to use hand signals I learned from a police officer in gr, 2 to avoid getting hit, due to my lack of signaling. Ikes!

I'd appreciate any insight people would have. This problem was just _there_ on my drive to work this morning, but more more apparent tonight after dark. All the visible (while still assembled and having the bike ON) connections were firmly together... are there some that I wasn't seeing that could have shaken loose?

Thanks all!


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