Zundapp Shut Down

My 56 Zunapp Combinette runs great for about 1 or 2 miles and then reverts to a low muffled purr with no power. Once the engine cools (1 hour) runs great again for 1 or 2 miles. I just cleaned the carb. so not sure the problem lies there, any brillant ideas?

Re: Zundapp Shut Down

When it slows down do we assume that it is still running and powering the rear wheel?.

Things to check:

The gas tank cap vent could be plugged up. Try pulling the cap and see it the problem goes away.

Also, the fuel filter in the tank could be plugged. Over time a little fuel dribbles thru and fills the carb, but not enough comes thru to keep up with what you are using.

Re: Zundapp Shut Down

Tim Purinton /


I already tried the cap (without luck) but will investigate the fuel filter.

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