Bosch Flywheel

Anyone know what flywheel puller to use for a bosch flywheel (#0 212 010 004) from an M56 Batavus motor? What is that interior thread & pitch?

I have some do-it-yourself options in mind, but I would like the "sure-shot" solution as a back up (my solutions lately have been having a nasty habit of not working).

I plan on using a steering wheel puller with the proper bolts, but the three flywheel threads are pretty dinky to be doing all that pulling.


Re: Bosch Flywheel

get the Batavus manual HERE break>

i don't recommend pulling the wheel from it's outer diameter .. assuming those tiny threaded holes are strong enough, you could tweak the wheel .. It's supposed to be pulled from the center, from where the tapered fit on the crankshaft holds it.. sometimes these wheels are stuck on really tight. The genuine puller is a common type as illustrated in the manual (see attachment) but i dunno the thread pitch or diameter for that motor..

Measure it. Get a little ball of oil-based clay and press it into the threads to get an imprint.. remove that and measure the pitch... I can almost guaranteed you're not gonna find anything with a suitably large, fine metric thread on it .. i couldn't after much searching and disassembling lots of metric stuff.

I have sucessfully tack-welded a large, common nut to a flywheel' center... then use it's matching bolt to pop the wheel off. Cut the nut off after you're done.

Beware of welding heat and sparks around the electrical wires / components and any metalic grinding dust will be attracted to the magnets.. think ahead and protect what's necessary.

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