'78 Tomos Bullet points/magneto problem

Okay - so I have this Bullet I'm working on. The original points were rusted shut, so I got some new ones. I popped them in there and wired it all - but I'm getting no spark. The points are physically working correctly though.

What do I need to check at this point? What wire do I need to connect my multimeter to to check to see if this is working at all?

Does this mean I need a new magneto maybe? My first Tomos to work on, and my first points issue.


Re: '78 Tomos Bullet points/magneto problem

Don Pflueger /

check the screw terminal on the points to be sure that the plastic separators are in place correctly. the black wire coming out of the magneto should go to the condensor, then over to the points. remove it from the condensor to check continyuity thru the points.

Re: '78 Tomos Bullet points/magneto problem

Attached is my current wiring scheme. Dunno if this is right or not - this is how it was when I pulled it off.


Re: '78 Tomos Bullet points/magneto problem

did you gap the points to 0.14-0.16in? is your plug boot making good contact to the plug wire?

Re: '78 Tomos Bullet points/magneto problem

I haven't gappet yet. The main concern is that I can't even get a reading on my voltometer from the wires so it's not even getting to the plug wire.

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