front shocks stuck!

a few weeks ago, i hit a nasty hole, and my front shocks were stuck in the completely compressed position. i simply removed the shocks, and pulled them open again, and they work like before.

then a couple days ago, it happened again. i set it in the garage for the night, and by the morning, they had popped out on their own. does anyone know why this is happening and what i can do to stop it? it is very uncomfortable, and even more annoying.

Re: front shocks stuck!

i don't know much about mopeds, but did u try lubricating the shocks? A little oil might keep the shocks from sticking. Only idea i have :)


Re: front shocks stuck!



Re: front shocks stuck!

Something probably snapped, bent, got dislocated, was crushed or got stuck way up inside the tubes.. and now one or both sides jam easily... take the forks apart as far as you can and inspect everything.

Re: front shocks stuck!

you can grease the springs inside the shocks


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