motobecane condensor number

I am going to buy a condensor to have on hand. Does anybody know the original part number for a 1970 model 40. Also does anybody know the rating for this capacitor in microfarads and in volts.

Re: motobecane condensor number

Jason Luther /

im not sure for this particular application, but every capacitor i have seen on a moped has been 6 volt and .15mF

Re: motobecane condensor number

The Motobecane condensor is a little unusual, from what I've been able to determine. I have one here, that measures 3.0uF (yep, 3.0. not 0.3). One of the IRC members also measured his at 3.0uF, and it was a new, off the shelf part.

As for voltage, I'm unsure.. but it's definitely higher than 6V. When the points open, the voltage rebound (from the inductance of the exciter and ignition coils) is well above 6V. I've heard telll of 300-400V peaks, but it would be worthwhile measuring with a peak-holding multimeter.

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