trac chain and sprockets

trac olympic 86 moped. A new drive chain I received does not fit exactly over the rear sprocket (leaves gaps when you try to tighten it--. A little extra weight or bounce makes it jump off the sprocket and stop the bike and me with it of course. bike has only 2-3000 miles. I can't find the old chain so I'm not sure if it is the wrong size or maybe I have a worn sprocket. Do I buy another chain(past dealer no longer avail)? Sprocket? How do you measure the chain that you need if the one you have is the wrong one? Can you just replace front, rear sprockets, and chain? What size? I'm totally confused but determined. sprocket has 44 teeth, and links on chain measure 8 mm between small bolts on one link. front sprocket has 12 teeth. HELP?

Re: trac chain and sprockets

Thin and pointed teeth are signs of a worn out sprocket.


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Re: trac chain and sprockets

Just curious is it a 1 speed or 2 speed? I have to make a sprocket for my 87 sprint. didnt come with any wheels. its a standard 3/16 moped chain far as i know. dont hold me to that......

Re: trac chain and sprockets

Standard 1975- 1980 moped chains are 415.I am not sure what chian is used on that. What size chain do you have? If the sprockets are sharp and look like one or both could cut wood, that is not good and might be your problem.You should have the two speed, if it is the model you claim it is. You can use Honda Passport wheels on this. I put a rear spocket on the rear Honda Passport wheel. It was a sprocket that was here and worked. I do not know what it was for. I was just happy it worked. The bad news is the brakes need to be replaced because they are worn out in the front and rear.

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