Tomos center stand assembly?

I took my kick stand off in a hurry before the race in PN.

Now I can't get it back on correctly.

I don't know where or how to hook up the spring?

Or which way to face the center stand?

Does anyone have a photo they could post or send me to help me?

I am trying to get my moped ready for ikes ride.

I haven't been able to ride for 2 months after a bad crash at the race track. My thumb was almost broke. Worse than broke really. Tore the connecting tendons/ligaments all apart.

Still experiencing pain in my thumb. :-(

I won't be able to use my left break all that well.

Re: Tomos center stand assembly?

The center stand has a tab for the spring on the right side. The other tab, is on the bottom right motor bolt.


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