V1 soft seize - what now?

ok, so last night my engine soft-siezed -- stopped dead at full throttle. i think the problem was caused by my swing arm pushing down on the muffler, thus loosening it. i could feel a little air leak coming out of it when i re-started the engine.

so today i took the cylider off and found what look like a couple little smears of metal on either side of the exhaust port. there is a pic attached of what it looks like.

i had to get it home, cause it was starting to rain, and i didnt really want to leave it on the street in chicago. it seemed only to have lost a little bottom end power, but not too big of a difference.

what, if anything, should i do now? i've never dealt with a soft seize before.

i have not done a plug chop yet, but i am running a 14/14 dellorto carb with a 57 jet and a snail exhaust. so maybe i need to mess with the fuel/air ratio as well.

any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks



Re: V1 soft seize - what now?

i think you are supposed to "clean up" the seize, like smooth out everything with a really fine grit of sandpaper.

Re: V1 soft seize - what now?

yes i realize that, but from what ive read it seems like people take different measures depending on how bad the damage is.

i took off the cylinder and sanded off most of the aluminum streaks with 1500 grit wet, so i guess it should be fine. im just wondering what to do about the piston. i do have a new one, but im guessing i would have to break it in again? maybe not.

Re: V1 soft seize - what now?

It looks like a very minor soft seize. Make sure that the rings are free in their grooves. Sand off any high spots on the piston and run it.

Is the engine stock size?

What oil/gas mix were you running?

What oil are you running?

How many miles are on the fresh engine?

Re: V1 soft seize - what now?

the engine is stock 49cc, the only modds are the muffler and carb/jet, and i had the ports drilled out. i broke it in with all stock pipe, carb, and ports for all of last summer and this spring.

i was running 50:1 using Valvoline 2-stroke motorcycle oil. but like i said, it looked like i had an air leak from the exhaust port, and also ive had some fuel flow issues, so maybe that affected it too.

anyways, im going to put it back together tonight and put new gas with more oil in it, check for air leaks and cross my fingers.

Re: V1 soft seize - what now?

the v1 should run 40:1, not 50. that could be your problem

Re: V1 soft seize - what now?

One more thing to look at would be the ring grove make sure the grove isn't opened up a little in the spots where the ring caught on the cylinder.

If it is then I'd buy a new piston your ring will brake in those spots and make a big mess.

Good Luck!


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