ciao flywheel removal

I've looked through previous posts and I want to figure out exactly how to remove the flywheel from a Ciao using a rubber mallet. So I simply hit the edge of the flywheel? Where is the best location to hit in order to remove it?



Re: ciao flywheel removal

Blaise Margherito /

You need something to go in the center of it and tank the flywheel out. There is a flywheel puller you could buy for around $6 + shipping.

Re: ciao flywheel removal

Depends on how tight the fit is (when it was last off, too). I don't know your bike, but I was able to make a puller for my Minarelli by putting the heads of 2 carriage bolts through the 'windows' in the flywheel and attatching them to a metal bracket and using a third carriage bolt to push down on the spindle (with a nut on the underside of the bracket) - just use a basic puller as a guide.

But if it's loose, you could tap on the flywheel with the rubber mallet like you're knocking on a door, while pulling the flywheel by hand (gripped around the outside). It's just a matter of pulling and jarring it loose.


Re: ciao flywheel removal

Does anybody have a flywheel puller available or temporary use? Or does anyone know where I could buy one for a 78' Ciao? Zippy? How much would that be?



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