Tomos Headlight connectors?

I unhooked all 3 of the connectors to my front headlight assembly.

I notice that the bulb can fit in only one way into its holder.

There are 3 male connectors on the light holder.

I need to know what 3 female connectors attach to what male connectors?

One female connector has 2 brown wires; one has 2 blue wires, and one has 1 white wire.

Could someone please help me?

I am trying to get my moped lights working for Ikesride.


Re: Tomos Headlight connectors?

John Joedicke /

Brown is ground, is on the connector in the middle of the light. Blue and white on the bottom, not sure which way but it is for hi and low beam. Connect them up and check with your switch , if reversed just reverse the wires.

Re: Tomos Headlight connectors?

I used microsoft paint to create the attached image.

Are the connectors and colors the way they should be?

I don't want to blow out all of my lights again.


Re: Tomos Headlight connectors?

Re: Tomos Headlight connectors?

shoot, I wanted the picture to show up.

sorry people.

Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

Re: Tomos Headlight connectors?

John Joedicke /

that will work

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