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hey there everyone,

Ive reassembled my engine recently and continue to have a stuck piston problem (after the 2nd time reassembling). The first assembly I know I didnt use enough 2 stroke oil on the cylinder and piston but the walls and piston were ok upon inspection and after reassembling it, it continues to plague me. Where might I turn the engine over by hand? My rear tire simply locks up now and i need to get this thing running (Im eager to ride!) let me know all,


Re: stuck piston

Jason Luther /

how did it get stuck in the first place? ie why did you take the engine apart?

Re: stuck piston

well, the intake manifold is kind of stuck to the cylinder right now (stuck more on the studs than the cylinder) but to take off the carb i had to pull the engine apart a bit to allow me to slide the barb off so i then decided to do some port work in there going by daves reccomendations over at 1977 and being ultra conservative with what I did. The sticking piston is baffling though, so back to the question....

Remedies by hand? help me out guys

Re: stuck piston

When you did the port work, did you port all the way to the bore?


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Re: stuck piston

What am i missing here..

You got a piston that's stuck in the bore for some unknown reason.. and you want a method that will force it to "turn over"? Doesn't it seem like that might break something? Shouldn't you disassemble the cylinder and see what's stopping the piston from moving?

Re: stuck piston

you can take the head off, but a small piece of wood in the cylinder and softly hit it with a hammer til its loosens up

Re: stuck piston

even though this might not be the best idea in the world (to turn it over by hand) i think one of the only ways you are going to do that is to kick start in, you can use your hand to do that.


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