Yamaha QT 50 Won't Start

I'm having issues getting my 84 QT50 to turn over. I bought it well used and it has been sitting, so I intalled a new spark plug (and am getting spark when I ground it to test), fresh battery, the gas tank has been cleaned (gas and oil sides), new gas line with filter, the carb has been disassembled and cleaned, all jets appear to be clear (I can blow compressed air through them), and I'm getting gas to the carb (tested by loosening the bottom jet, gas flowed freely from the drain jet). It won't even turn over when I give it a blast of quick start, and it used to prior to my carb/tank cleaning and fuel line replacement. Any ideas/tips/tricks as to where I might start troubleshooting? I appreciate your time. -David

Re: Yamaha QT 50 Won't Start

??? I guess complaining was the fix, as it started today. I'm going to guess the sticky choke cable may have been the culprit; lubing all the cables is my next project.

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