70cc Kit + stock exhaust

Is it safe to have a 70cc kit with a 15mm bing and the stock exhaust?

Re: 70cc Kit + stock exhaust

I cannot tell you from experince but if your getting all that you might as well get a good pipe. (probably since a 70cc will produce more exhaust fumes which means it has to be able to breath more) otherwise you might limit its preformance! Mountainmoped.com has the best prices on the biturbo.

Good Luck

Re: 70cc Kit + stock exhaust

The stock exhaust is WAY to restrictive... With a kit, It will never run right. Buy a prefomance exhaust and SEVERAL jets you'll need to fine tune the fuel flow.


Re: 70cc Kit + stock exhaust

having that 70cc will give you more powerbut running the stock pipe will restrict it so much id get a biturbo

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