Idling/power problems

freight train /

I just finished cleaning up my 1991 Tomos Targa LX. The bike definitely sounds better and is technically in better condition, it doesn't idle, and it doesn't seem to be as fast as it was before.

I cleaned the carb, but do I also need to clean the idle jet(s) with a wire? Also, there is a lot of smoke coming out of the front of the engine, which I hope is just oil burning off of the cylinder. (I applied a lot of engine oil to the piston, cylinder, and piston rings when I installed rings today). Any advice?

Re: Idling/power problems

Yes on cleaning the Idle jet... Use a wire and make sure they are clear of debris then blow it out with compressed air (or carb cleaner). As for the smoke, It is probably exess oil burning off.


Re: Idling/power problems

Don Pflueger /

when cleaning a carb, you should poke wire thru every hole you find in the carb body, and all its parts. follow up with blasts of carb cleaner.

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