Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

Ok, i just put a new piston in my 85 puch cobra

It has great compression and spark now but the damm thing will only run on the stand with the exaust off!!!!

could it be the gas?

Im just outta energy from tryoin to start it..

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

also what is the correct plug to run in this bike?

also is 32:1 too much oiul to break in the rings with?



Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

yeah that's a lot of oil probably what's keeping your engine from starting with the exhaust on dump the gas and got to the stock 50:1 mix just to get it started you won't ruin it for just a few minutes and get that exhaust back on or it will run lean and seize.Some times i have found that a new plug takes about a 1/2 mile to run in and not sputter and it's easier to start after that.You also might need to clean your exhaust pipe is it stock has it had a lot of miles put on it without cleaning?Also you can clean your carb maybe check fuel flow ECT.Turn up the idle screw on the carb body one turn until you get it started i found that to be my problem more than once after it runs for a few minutes turn it back to wher it was slowly or until it sputters just above sputtering is where you want the idle then adjust it to the proper idle speed after the motor warms up idle will change as the bike warms up it should be set warm/hot, but just adjust it a little to help get it started.Also stock engine spark plugs are champ. L86 or NGK B-6-H or B-6HS gaps shoud be set at .016" to .020".Hope some of this helps.Jim

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

ok i replaced the clutch cable and the wheel turns better now but it still will not idle

could the lack of an airbox be the problem?

I chainged the gas to fresh gas at 45;1

some improvenemt

Also coulf the lack of a ckoke plate be an issue too?

its almost like its not getting enough gas at idle

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

yes get the air box on there it will run lean.To much air and not enough fuel/oil it will seize in short order without the proper up jetting for no air box/filter.Jim

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

about the choke I'lld have to look at one of my disesembled carbs tomorrow to see how it's configured.but go with it installed and see what happens.Jim

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

if it only runs with the exhuast off your exhuast is probably clogged. clean it out re: Fred's Guide

also 32:1 is NOT too much oil

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

no it may not be with a properly jetted and clean exhaust and decarbed motor.Just trying to get everything together so he can see where he stands and work from there.Jim

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

im gonna have to find or borrow an airbox

it never had one...

ill try that ands see if it helps

It just will not idle

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

Brian Mikami /

Pick up a few more spark plugs...a wet plug won't fire easily. I went through about 6 plugs...always started with a new plug, when it fouled, i could'nt start. My issue was a oily filter causing it to run rich. Try a fresh gapped plug and see. I run only a bug screen with my carb/kit, also run 40:1 mix. If your carb has a manual choke, use it to start...my bike won't start unless I choke first, once it starts, choke off. Good luck.

Re: Puch 1 speed motor a bitch to start

Ok ive found my problem

A POS clutch

The damm outer plate that is retained by the gigantic circlip is rubbin the clutch....

so it is causing the engine to not move the bike and to only run on the stand

rightnow all it is good for is burnouts............

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