Kinetic TFR parts

I recently got a 2000 Kinetic TFR. It worked fine for a couple weeks, then wouldn't start. My mechanic says it needs a new starter assembly, but that he can't find one through Cosmo Motors or eBay. Anyone know where I could find one? Please help! My summer is passing me by!



Re: Kinetic TFR parts

i would check directly with just give them a call because they are the largest kinetic parts warehouse that i know of. good luck.

Kinetic TFR parts

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

What is this: new starter assembly? Please be more specific. Jim.

Re: Kinetic TFR parts

there is a decompression lever, decompression plug, cable and the little lever on the back wheel that you flip to engage the gears... What is your "mechanic" calling a starter?

Re: Kinetic TFR parts

maybe his feet and legs?


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