Motobecane Mobylette Electrical Gremlins

My new 78 Motobecane had developed a highspeed miss and backfire, and through trial and error, replacing spark plugs, cleaning points, etc, I realized that the ignition switch/horn is acting really weird. The horn will only buzz at low speed, and if you hold the button in as you accelerate the miss and backfire dissapears completly, and if you let it go, the backfire and miss are instantly back. I've tried putting some carb cleaner and compressed air into the switch to clean it upa bit, but it still does it. Anyone have any bright ideas?

Re: Motobecane Mobylette Electrical Gremlins

Disconnect it

you do not need it

Disconnect it by pulling apart the stay-con connectors near your high tension coil.

the horn switch will not be affected

I do this with all my mobies. it affects nothing, that switch is always a bugger on mobies. just use the decompression lever to kill engine.

If you continue to misfire, then it is time to set the timing

Re: Motobecane Mobylette Electrical Gremlins

Not to hijack the thread, but.. Dan, are you still interested in developing and expanding the online Motobecane manual?

Just curious.. feel free to email any replies.

Good luck Philip, I'm sure you'll get that fixed.

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