Maxi minor adjustments help!

problems: There is a bit more than normal white smoke coming from the exhaust, I get the '4-stroke' rattling sound at high RPMs and when I run her for a bit and take the plug out its wet with fuel and kinda gunky with black gunk

I think my main jet may be too big because when I open the airbox to let more air in I loose the 4 stroking because of a leaner mix in the cylinder. Any ideas? Anybody?

Re: Maxi minor adjustments help!

Maybe a jet problem i dunno

Re: Maxi minor adjustments help!

did u upgrade the jet before this started?

Re: Maxi minor adjustments help!

No its the jet that was in it when I bought it. The engine needed alot of work and I was just happy to get it running. I will take the jet out today and get the # on it.

Re: Maxi minor adjustments help!

Jason Luther /

check to see if the airbox is clogged at all. mouse house, bee hive, oil and dirt, whatever.

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