My pa50's progressing, some more questions

hi everyone!

i changed the rear pulley on my pa50, and that was defenatly the problem. now it has a lot better top speed.

my top speed is now 25MPH (40MPH).

still some problems, i think...

maybe the timing is wrong...

maybe a new sparkplug will do the trick...

maybe the compression is poor...

i'll check everything, any other ideas?

also, can anyone here please check on their pa50 if their horn works when the brakes are applied?

i checked a couple of things, and i realised that the horn wouldnt do anything if the brakes were applied...

i think my wirings may be wrong...

anyone can answer that do me?



Re: My pa50's progressing, some more questions

What do the weights and ramps inside the front variator unit look like? If they are worn at all top gear will not be available.

The aluminum ramps on the pulley are only about 3.5mm thick .. and if they, the metal pressure plate curved/ramps, or the rollers are worn just a little bit, you could easily lose 5mph.

Re: My pa50's progressing, some more questions

how much do u weigh i am getting 28 stock i weigh 208lbs

Re: My pa50's progressing, some more questions

Guillaume Bergeron /

i weight 140 LBs, so that's not the problem.

joew, the ramp it maybe worn a little, the weights are NEW.

i wont buy new ramps, they cost too much...

any more idea?



Re: My pa50's progressing, some more questions

One thing you could do is find out how high that engine revs ..

If it is getting up to about 5,500 rpm @ only 25MPH, there's nothing wrong with the engine.. the problem is gearing (or drive belt is slipping or similar).

But if top engine RPM, wide open throttle on level ground is nearer to only 4,500 - 5,000 RPM, the engine is not able to rev to it's top RPM .. Horse Power is suffering, and if the brakes are not dragging and the tires are not flat, its an engine/carburation/exhaust/timing/air-vacuum leak/etc. kinda problem.

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