tomos a3 wont start

I have a 1978 tomos a3 bullet and it doesnt want to start. At first I thought it might be the fuel filter getting clogged so I took it out and cleaned it out and it ran fine for a few seconds and then stalled. so I took it out again and did the same thing but it still wont start. so I checked the spark and it's fine. I also checked the air filter and it is fine to. the compression also sounds fine. every once in a while it will start, but only for a little while then it stalls and wont start. there where also three holes in the carb where the air filter goes, it was threaded so i thought maybe a screw is missing or something can anyone help?

Re: tomos a3 wont start

Don Pflueger /

3 holes where the air filter goes??????

that bike should have an encarwi carb with no holes. at least ive never seen one that did.

did you clean the carb out?

do this;

spray carb cleaner into the carb throat and then try to start it. if it fires, you have a fuel problem so clean everything from the gas cap down thru the carb, if it does not fire, you have either an electrical or fuel problem. pull the plug and check for spark and compression. if it has spark, try a new spark plug. if not, clean the points and set the gap to .014"-.016". if a new plug does not get it to start, then the problem is compression.

compression needs to be 120 lbs or higher. if lower, find out where it is going. if higher, pull the exhaust off and clean it and the exhaust port.

Re: tomos a3 wont start

I recently had to put in a heal a coil so I think that may be the problem

Re: tomos a3 wont start

Don Pflueger /

it shouldnt be unless you dropped the tab that is used to insert the thread, down into the cylinder and left it in there. go thru the list i gave you. it covers just about everything.

Re: tomos a3 wont start

I tested the compression and it was only about 70 psi so it's the compression thats bad. Is there supposed to be a gasket that goes between the cylinder and the head?

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