Does my oil pump work?

I just bought a 2000 Tomos Targa LX and I want to be sure the oil pump is working (for obvious reasons). Is there a way to test it and be sure that it's working becuase The oil level in my tank doesn't change all that much. Also, when I go to put oil in the tank under the seat, there is a mesh screen inside the filler hole (I assume to filter out trash) and it's like the oil just sits on top of the screen and won't flow into the tank and I have to screw the cap on and "push" the oil into the tank, causing a good amount of it to leak out. I know the tank isn't full becuase I can see the level on the side of the tank where it says "Min oil level". Any ideas?

Re: Does my oil pump work?

John Joedicke /

Lift the screen out to fill after you wipe off the top of the tank.

Re: Does my oil pump work?

the reason of why you dont notice a change in oil levels is because oil doesnt get used as much as gas does and it takes a while to fill the tank up again unless you notice a big change then u probably have a leak

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