Bad news batavus

So, the latest in a long series of troubles...

My bat won't start. I've tried a LOT of things to get it to run, and it still won't. Here's where I stand: It had compression 2 weeks ago when it was running poorly; but it had compression nonetheless, and I can't think of anything that would make it lose compression in a week, (well, okay I can, but nothing that actually probably happened to it). It has good strong spark at the right time, after fiddling with the magneto/electrics since it broke down. I changed the points once and the condensor twice, and now it has good spark. I'm also fairly certain that it's getting gas, and the certainty comes from two different things: (1) when I take out the sparkplug and put my nose over the plug hole and turn the engine over I smell, and feel, gasoline wafting out of it, and (2) gasoline leaks out around my exhaust port (it's not sealed tightly, so it drips out). I figure, if it's getting to the ehaust port, it's getting to the cylinder. To my knowledge, I've fulfilled all of the requirements to make my engine run, but there are still a couple of possibilities that I think are left. Maybe it has lost compression, or maybe it's sparking when I test the plug outside of the cylinder, but for some reason isn't sparking when it's in the cylinder, or maybe the gas is too rich, like it's staying gasoline rather than becoming a gas/air mix, though I don't see how this is possible.

Any thoughts? Thanks for the help, and sorry about the length of my post, and sorry about making it longer right now, and sorry about making it longer, and sorry about making it longer... etc. etc.

Re: Bad news batavus

Don Pflueger /

what does a compression test say?it needs to have 120 lbs or higher to the air box attached to the carb? is the airbox and filter clean? is the exhaust pipe and port clean? has a leak down test been done to determine where compression is going? did you set the timing per specs in the batavus service manual?

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