New Brakes for Honda Hobbit

I got a 1978 Honda Hobbit PA50II

My brakes are getting pretty squeeky, and my front brakes (which I lay off of now) don't kick in unless I really squeeze the brake lever. I assuming my pads are way low. I've never replaced them. What do I need to know?



Re: New Brakes for Honda Hobbit

brake pads will squeak when they slip and can't grab .. Most times the surfaced are just glazed ..

Open the wheel up and sand the pads and drum surfaces with some fine sandpaper.. just enough to remove rust and any shiny glazed surface...

Afterwards, use "Brake Kleen" spray (or MEK or acetone or a similar product that dries completely without any residue) to wash the pads and drum .. no oily fingerprints.. no nothing.

And apply just a touch of all-purpose grease on moving parts.. maybe drip some oil down the cable's sheath to lube the cable and button it all up.. Front brakes are kinda important when you gotta stop fast.

Re: New Brakes for Honda Hobbit

thnx again joe


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