Minarelli clutch tight

I replaced my points and condenser, set the points, went for a joy ride. Everything was cool until I started to hear a pinging from the motor area, the power bogged, then the bike went silent and coasted. Now the starter clutch is super firm and I can't get bike started. Any thoughts?

Re: Minarelli clutch tight

it has been seized somehow, check that your gas is in the correct fuel/oil mix. check your tranny fluid level and the condition of your spark plug. I soft seized just two days ago because of straight gas. your replaced points and condenser shouldn't have anything to do with your clutch seizing up

Re: Minarelli clutch tight

check your oil in the tranny case

Re: Minarelli clutch tight

Just so I'm sure on this, by tranny case you mean the clutch housing on the right side of the bike, correct (sae 20w non- detergent)? Replacing this fluid is my first order of business today, regardless.

Re: Minarelli clutch tight

I also think that you have seized the cylinder.

Sounds like you will have to pull the head and cylinder.

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