PA50 only going 15 mph?

My PA50II bogs down at 15 mph. It will actually get going faster down hill and the engine will hold the bike up at that speed. But off the line it just will not go over 15. It is very peppy off the line but just kind of flutters when get it up to 15. It has good fuel flow, clean carb, new sparks plug, new muffler, new air filter, point gap is good. Any ideas?

Re: PA50 only going 15 mph?

I would tend to lean to compression in your case.

Have you tested your compression?

Re: PA50 only going 15 mph?

wow mayne u'ze be lucky i can only peddle mine to 7 mph. Downhill on tha other hand more like 12 or 13 chea i gotta lead foot mayne

Re: PA50 only going 15 mph?

ok try 2 things remove the air filter and check the backwheel ie squareness and position

Re: PA50 only going 15 mph?

It sounds like it is running way too rich.

Try taking the air filter completely out and see what happens.

Re: PA50 only going 15 mph?

mine was 4stroking at 22 with me on it(210lbs) i took out the airfilter and plastic filter holder and it no longer fourstroked then i sold it hehehe i was tired of dealing with it i told the buyer abut it and they were fine with it(the guy has a cycle shop and had no prob tracing it down

Re: PA50 only going 15 mph?

Air filter is a good place to look.

Mine fourstroked at 25kph. I cleaned the filter with rubbing alcohol (99%) and didn't oil it - the manual tells you to oil it but don't.

Got an additional 15kph out of it after.

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