pa50 wont start

Ive had this honda hobbit pa50 for about a month and it will not start at all. the carb was in rough shape so i got a new one and it wont run. ive checked everything and there is no reason it shouldnt run. checked spark, fuel, everything. any advice would be appriciated. thanks


Re: pa50 wont start

Jason Luther /

is the decompressor valve working??

Re: pa50 wont start

They are very cold blooded, esp when not run in awhile...Pedal like hell with full choke on! And, of course, RE check everything, fuel, spark, gas "on", etc!

Re: pa50 wont start

i dont think it is working

there is no switch or anything there. maybe i just dont see it.


Re: pa50 wont start

go get this PA50 Owner's Manual and read the whole thing.. become familiar with everything on the bike..

Get this SHOP Manual

too .. it'll tell you how to fix things.

Spray a bit Starter Fluid into the spark plug hole.. reinstall the plug. If the bike starts up, the carburetor is dirty or no fuel is getting into it. If it doesn't start, chances are there's no spark.

The decompression valve in a little valve in the cylinder head.. Read the owner's manual.

Re: pa50 wont start

Squirt some carb cleaner in the rubber air inlet then try to start it. If it fires then dies you probably are ok on ignition and have a fuel problem. You say you got a new carb. Do you mean brand new? Or just different?

Pull the fuel line off the carb and see if you get fuel flow when you open the tap. Open the float bowl drain to see if you are getting fuel into the carb.

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