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Hi everyone.

This is my first time on this site AND a first timer with one of these. first off a little history about how i came across a '03 TFR.

my wife belongs to a free stuff club and someone was giving a wooden something to her. when we went to go and pick up the wood thing i saw this baby sitting in the corner. i asked about it and she said that i could take it!

the lady said that a prior tenant found it at the local dump and brought it home. he tried several things to get it up and running but has had no luck with it. this was over a year ago and has been sitting in a corner of her yard until i happened to come across it.

other than the obvious items i noticed right away about it (no kickstand, no mirrors, the speedometer cable disconnected and fitting crushed, no chain guard) i decided to load it up INSTEAD of the wood thing (it was too big for my house anyway).

now trying to get this up and running myself i decided to go over the basics (gas, compression, ignition). lots of gas, in fact almost a full tank (good news to me... less corrosion). seems to have good compression but no spark!

now this gets to my question...

looking at the spark plug and wire, the wire has threads and not made for a cap to slide into it. when i look at the plug, it is just threads. is this normal for this particular set up? you have to screw on the plug to the wire and then screw the plug on the head (eh... HELLOOOO! cant screw the plug and wire on without taking the coil off! one or the other but not both seeing as how you would loosen one up to get the other on!)

any ideas or comments?

all help will be appreciated!


Re: Spark Plug

Jason Luther /

okay. first get rid of the old gas. 2 strokes need fresh gas. i recently read that the volatile components of gas evaporate in a month or so. next, i am not familiar with tfr's but some mopeds us the type of cap that slided onto the threaded end of a plug (the normal little tip just screws off) and some use the cap that fits the normal nib on a plug (like a car). if you have an electrical multi-meter or something similar just check for continuity from the plug wire to the spark plug (hold the other end of the tester on the inside post on the end of the spark plug). then see what gives you a circuit (both may work, ive seen that too). and then find out what the proper spark plug should be. i have bought 6 mopeds and none of them had the correct plug in them. _then_ go to freds guide in the resources section of this site to get that baby rolling!

Re: Spark Plug

Plugs with the removeable, threaded terminal work one of three ways:

- With the large terminal in place, they fit a plug cap desiged for a large terminal (like on a car).

- With the large terminal loose, you can use the terminal as a nut to secure a simple spade-end plug wire, like on some lawnmowers.

- With the large terminal removed, they fit a a plug cap designed for the small terminal (most motorcycles and mopeds).

If yours is the type of cap that takes the small terminal, you don't need to screw it onto the plug - it's just a push / spring fit, like a car plug wire.

Don't ask me why both standards exist, I have no idea.. other than the fact that the small-terminal types seem to grip the plug better, and are less likely to fall off.

Re: Spark Plug

Victor -

The plug you want for that TFR should be a Champion L86C, which of course you can cross-referene to other brands.

I'm 99% sure that the TFR didn't come with a kick stand, because it does not use a traditional swing arm.

Stock mirrors are available from , and probaly other sites, but Cosmo is the US distributer for Kinetic and probably has quite a few in stock.

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