84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter


I know this is a moped forum, and generally scooters aren't liked on this site. I do own a moped AND a scooter, although I'm more on the moped side. :o)

I just thought I'd give it a shot here, since a lot of you guys are very resourceful and definitely the best on the internet. Just figured one of you might know something.

I have recently accquired a 84 Honda Aero 125 scooter. It's a really nice scooter, but needs some work.

Do you know where I can get a reasonably priced manual? Parts? Is there an Aero 125 guru somewhere on this site? If so, PLEASE contact me. I would be very grateful for any piece of useful information on this scooter-

Like for instance: Starting procedure- what switches has to be on? Does it have to be in neutral, etc?

Where is the VIN usually located on these? (I checked the neck of the scooter where VINS usually are- and there isn't one. I also checked all over, and couldn't find one)

Where is the best place to find cheap parts for it? What should I look out for? What usually breaks on that scooter? Its weak points? Strong points? Internet resources?

Is it possible to get it registered as a 50cc scooter despite the fact it's a 125 cc? (I only have a bill of sale and an old registration that is un-readable.)

There is an oil pump. Suppose I wanted to bypass that. Would the oil/gas mixture still be 50:1? (This is 125 cc)

There are conflicting reports on what the engine is- some of them say it's a 2-stroke engine. Some of them say it's a 4-stroke. Which is right? Looks like a 2 stroke to me, but I may be wrong.

I have done a search, and there isn't that much out there about them. I do know they were only made for one year, in 1984. And that the Aero 125 was sold in the USA, while other places in the world, they were being sold as a Honda Lead 125. (Same scooter, different color) I know that there was a problem with emissions, so Honda decided to abandon selling any more of them in the USA.

I also know that despite the fact that they are very rare due to the above reason, there are actually a lot of them in barns and garages, all forgotten about.

But, that's pretty much all the information websites on the internet had to offer.

In advance, thank you for your time and response. :o)



Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

P.s. the registration question would be applied in upstate New York.

also, my email address is DeChathamRIT@yahoo.com if you wish to contact me directly.

Thanks again,


Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

Mike Lumbert /

can you send pics of the bike?

did you get my e-mail?


Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter


Yes, I sent you an email. I just realized I forgot to send you the pictures. I'm going back and going to do that.



Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

Definately a large 2 stroke, and should be more than able to do 60mph. I doubt you'll be able to register this as a 'ped when you can almost do double the legal speed limit of a 'ped. This is a motorcycle. I suppose because it was only sold for 1 year, there is very little on eBay for this MC.

"The Aero 125 (NH125) was similar in appearance to the 80 cc Aero/Lead mentioned previously but was capable of 60+ mph with a cruising speed of 50~55. I received an e-mail from Mark who says he reaches 65 mph on his 84 Aero with 8000 miles. The largest Honda scooter to have a two stroke motor , these scooters seem to be the rarest of the bunch. I think in the USA they were only sold for one model year.

Being a big fan of two strokes, this would probably be my choice for the Honda with the most "boy racer" potential. JoeD has supplied an account of his rebuilding of his NH125 which I've posted on my Honda owners site. Joe also has a Elite 150 and compares the two."

"JoeD's NH125 Honda Lead/Aero Scooter":http://www3.telus.net/dougsimpson/Joe.html

84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /


The NH50/80/100/125 "Aero" or "Lead" is an air-cooled, two-stroke scooter that has been very popular for Honda around the world due to it's reliable engine. FYI. Jim

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

I also have an 84 areo 125 and it hasn't been to much trouble... It's a 2 stroke and the starting procedure is simple turn the switch to run, hold the back brake and press the start button.

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter


Thank you for the starting procedure information. I really appreciate that. Would you know of a good source to get a manual as well as parts?

Someone mentioned that the oil injector usually dies out after the 1st or 2nd year. I believe him, but I figured you'd know more about that since you own one.

Is there anything unusual or unique about these or anything I need to be aware of?

Thanks again, appreciate it a great deal.


Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

Torontoboy & Steamboat,

Thank you for the links. I've seen the same pages myself. I haven't been able to find anything with an exploded diagram, or a free manual online.

Most people seem to say that the only modifications they need done are:

1) Lighter weights on the clutch to make it have faster acceleration & more torque (I don't know how this affects the end speed)

2)Remove the electric carb and replace it with a manual one.

3)Disable the oil injection and pre-mix 50:1

Soon, I'll know more. So far, it seems like a very nice scooter. Brakes are amazing! It stops on the dime. I still yet have to get it started. The plastic is kind of cracked, and wires & cables sticking out everywhere. It'll be good to get this thing going and see how it does on the road.


84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

"Is it possible to get it registered as a 50cc scooter despite the fact it’s a 125 cc? (I only have a bill of sale and an old registration that is un-readable.) "

The VIN numbers start with different prefix, so probably not, but give it a try.


Go here on the NY DMV site:


And scroll down to "MOPED" (about 3/4ths of the way down).

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter


Thanks. I appreciate your response. I was asking that because I've heard of some guys that managed to register their mopeds/scooters as 50cc, they simply removed the higher CC numbered sticker.

A lot of people in the DMV doesn't know anything about scooters or mopeds. I do wonder if there was a high rate of success in doing this.


Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

"A lot of people in the DMV doesn&#8217;t know anything about scooters or mopeds."

I don't think a bloody one of them know anything about Mopeds!

My wife has some connections and we called a regional director or some such, and the information that he gave us was bogus.

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

my oil injector hasn't gone sense I have had mine but before that I don't Know

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter


I have had an Aero 125 for 2 years now. Oil injector works just fine, no need to pemix. Parts are hard to come by. I have qa manual if you need some information.

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter


That would be really great. Is it possible for me to get a copy? I can pay money for a kinko/office max copy.



Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

Can you make me a copy as well, i will pay for the copy and shipping

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

any one tell me where I can e arts for this I'm lookng for this 1984 Honda Aero NH125

VIN: JH2JF0101ES011562

Engine: 2011557


this is what I need; Carburetor Choke Solenoid Valve: 16046-KG8-673

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

I noticed that you mentioned that you had a manual for an Areo 125. I was wondering if I could aquire a copy of it. I am running into a problem with the magneto on the bike and I keep losing the charge on the battery after about 100 miles of riding. I am just trying to trace the wiring to look for any shorts or breaks in the wires that cuold be causing the problem. Thank you for your time.

84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

You will find the vin on the gas tank when you lift the seat on the scooter.

Re: 84 Honda Aero 125 Scooter

Hello to all. I own a 1984 Honda Aero 125, and have owned it for several years. I am blessed to have a "master mechanic" that attends my church who is very good at fixing what ails my little gold baby.

Here's a few things I've learned about this particular scooter:

It uses (rather, "drinks") oil, so make sure to keep the receptacle filled at all times! I use Honda 2 stroke oil that's specifically made for this usage.

I always use the highest octane gas available - usually 93 octane. It runs better!

It has a wierd electric choke mechanism called a "Bystarter" choke. If you want, I have info. about this and could attach it to a future message. Suffice it to say that it controls the choke by using engine heat. If you have trouble with your scooter running well, it very well could be this!

If you have trouble starting your scooter, remember to press down on the "foot" brake (right side floor panel) hard when pressing the "Start" button. Also make sure your "Run" switch is in the middle position (right handle, just above the Start button). If you still have trouble, it could be alot of things:

1. Have you "charged" your battery??? These scooters came with a plug-in battery charger. It plugs into a wall outlet, and the other end plugs into a special adapter attached to the battery. Usually plugging it in about 1X per month should suffice, overnight.

2. You may need to replace the Choke Bystarter Valve - it's RARE and EXPENSIVE!!! Here's a place to find it: OZ Cycle Salvage - (785) 242-0060. It only comes attached to the carburator and it's $350! But that's better than paying $3500 for a new scooter!

3. You may need to replace the "Stator/Pickup Coil." Depending on where exactly (what factory) your scooter was made in Japan, there are 3 different ones available. The only way to tell what you have is to remove the engine housing and look at it. They prices range from $129 to $189. This part functions as the Alternator, as well as providing the necessary charge to the starter (at least from what my mechanic told me). If your lights dim considerably when you come to a stop, this is most likely the problem.

4. You may simply need a new battery. Don't go with an acid filled one! Purchase a "Maintenance Free" battery. www.motorcyclebatteriesusa.com. Mine was $35.75 with Free Shipping and it works GREAT!

Other than that, I am very pleased with my scooter. It has about 9500 miles on it, and runs very well. I get about 54 miles per gallon (GREAT NEWS at this time)! I can also cruise with relative ease at 45-50mph. With a good backwind, I have hit 55, but never any better.

If you have any questions, please forward them to my email address - kenmartin@insightbb.com.


Honda Aero 125 GOODIES

Hello Honda Aero 125 owners:

After extensive research, I have been able to find some goodies relating to the Aero 125. I thought I'd share it with you guys. :o)

To start with, attached is the wiring diagram. Sorry, it's so big. I cut it down as small as I could without making it hard to read.



Here is the Wiring Diagram


I know it's a repeat- Just wanted to make sure that the guy asking for the wiring diagram sees this.

The picture, to save it, put your mouse arrow over the picture and right-click it. Click on "Save as...". Make sure it's saved to a directory or an area on your computer that you know where it goes.

Save. The BEST photo viewer is "IrfanView". It's a free photo viewer/edior that can be found at www.download.com

Here is a direct link:


Forget microsoft IE or Microsoft paint, imaging, etc, as a picture viewer. IrfanView is the best way to go. This would enable you to view the picture and easily print it out.

It would also be true for other pictures that you have ever downloaded.




Here is a pic of Air box area

Attached is a picture of the Honda Aero 125 airbox area, just for reference for those that has a parts scooter that's totally missing parts or for those that need to know how they come back together or look like underneath the plastic.



Pic of Battery compartment area

Attached is a pic of the battery compartment/petcock area.



Close up Pic of Battery compartment area

Attached is a CLOSE UP pic of the petcock and the battery compartment area.



Pic of right side of Aero

Attached is a pic of the right side of the Aero with the plastic removed.



Pic of the carb

Attached is a CLOSED UP picture of the carburetor.



Document with Aero 125 info

Attached is a MS word document containing random information about the Aero 125 that I have saved up on the computer. It came from all kinds of sources and were compiled for easy reading.


Document with Info

I know this is a repeat. Revised version.

This is a document containing information on the Aero 125 that I have collected on the internet including the MA and other such sources. Complied for easy reading. Revised Version.


Carb &amp; bystarter info document

Attached is a carb/choke information document.


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