motobecane carb float stuck

Jeff McClellan /

We just bought a 77 motobecane 40T that has set around for a few years. It was well cared for when last used, but the gentleman that had it fell ill and it was never prepared for storage.

We cleaned the fuel system and added fuel, but the carb leaked (apparently a stuck float???). We would like to remove the carb and clean it and check the function of the float, but can't figure out how to remove the throttle and choke cables.

Any help / suggestions for getting this baby running would be greatly appreciated.

Also wondered if there is a service / shop manual available for these machines?

Many thanks

Re: motobecane carb float stuck

there are a couple motobecane manuals HERE as well as Fred's Guide to general moped repair .. Dempsey Moped Repair (PDF) which goes into Motobecanes among others..

Re: motobecane carb float stuck

if the choke cable enters the bottom of the carb, the only way is to pull the whole cable out, or cut it (there is a better way to hook it up through the top)

It is very hard to explain though, especially when I do not know the actual names for the pieces involved.

as far as the throttle is concerned, just unscrew the top cap, and the throttle will pull right out, Leave the cable completely connected.

Re: motobecane carb float stuck

Re: motobecane carb float stuck

If you're just trying to service the float & float bowl, you probably can leave the choke cable attached to the carb, and to the bike as well. Pull the fuel line and the throttle slide, and you should be able to work with the carb.

Otherwise, as Dan said, you need to disconnect it from the choke lever on the handlebar, and un-snake the cable from the frame.

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