Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

I have a Minarelli engine that seems to be killing spark plugs left and right... The thing is they arent getting foul. They start out as brand new plugs then a day will go by and they end up not working. I will grab another plug spark test it and it works (the old one is dead).. I really dont know what the problem could be. Do you? its on a General 5 star frame, if that helps.

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

It would seem that they are fouling internally down in the bottom of the plug where you can't see it.

What plug are you running?

What oil are you running?

What gas/oil mix are you using?

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

are you over-torquing them or somehow breaking the ceramic part while installing/removing them?

How's the bike running .. try and describe just what the plugs do look like.

How long has this been happening and what started it?

They make those little spark plug cleaners that use compressed air and glass beads .. these work pretty well.. don't use a silica sand or any similar abrasive. Maybe around $20 or so break>

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

I have been using brand new Bosch 7502 plugs.. I switched to a used NGK plug I had lying around yesterday and Its seems to not blow that one out yet. I am using a 50:1 oil gas mixture. Its just basic 2 stroke I believe its SNAP brand. I hope this helps.

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

You have a problem that needs to be fixed if you want a good machine. I had a Puch that went through a plug a day till I found the mix to rich, an adjustment was made to the needle and that was the end of fouling plugs everyday. Since then I found the Jet had been tampered with and ruined allowing to much gas to enter the engine. I have since replaced the entire Carb and Jet. You will need to identify the problem and look at possible causes and solutions. Your bike is trying to tell you somthing don't just ignore it unless you want serious problems down the road. Good Luck

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

yeah well you can clean a fouled plug i think hes having a different problem.

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

John Joedicke /

So what is YOUR solution?

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

So I cleaned the carb, put an NGK plug in and its been 3 days no problem... I home that was it so far??? I wonder if the Bosch plug was a bad idea?

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

NGK seems to make a great moped champion makes a good lawn equipment plug. NGK all the way for small mopeds/motorcycles!

Re: Blowing out Sparkplugs (not foul)

I've been running a Bosch plug in my Motobecane since I got it up & running. Only a few hundred miles., but so far, it works fine.

Maybe a bad batch, or the wrong heat range for the bike.

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