puch magnum has no torque

i have this puch magnum x dirtbike engine mounted on a puch magnum II moped frame..first of all the engine will not idle..ive messed with carb and everything and cant figure it out..second, it has no torque at all..i have to run next to it to get it goin, im thinkin its the carburetor but im not sure..could it be the timing?...ne help would be great

Re: puch magnum has no torque

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

If you tell us what type engine and carb you have, someone here may be able to help you.Jim.

Re: puch magnum has no torque

its a 48.8 cc engine that came on a puch magnum x dirtbike..i do not know what year..74 maybe? its a 1 speed...the carb is a bing 17 mm, 1/17/169 is printed on the carb...i think i fixed the torque problem..it needed transmission fluid bad...but it still wont idle...i put a new plug in today and started it up and it idled for about 40 seconds then shut off; but now it wont idle anymore..it always seems to idle for a little while right after i put a new plug in..does anyone know what could be causing it not to idle?

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