If I can't get the spark plug or anything to work, is there any way I can get the magneto or any of that working by rebuilding it instead of having to buy a new one?

Re: Spark

Don Pflueger /

what bike/engine? cdi or points? did you try new brake light bulbs?

Re: Spark

Probably the points need cleaned and gapped,but it COULD be a blown taillight bulb or bad taillight connection. Most spark problems are corroded points or points not closing or gapped properly. ALSO replace that sparkplug. don-ohio

Re: Spark

Yes, it is possible to rebuild a Moped electric system using car condensers and some similar Ignition Coil. It is not easy and requires a fair bit of electrical knowledge. Do a search on the topic, I found a site dealing with converting a Internal Coil to a Generator to power an External Coil. I feel I have enough experience to attempt this if my Coil is found to be defective. I would not even think about it if you have no experience or electronic education, just trying to save you the wasted time and effort. -Good Luck- used electronic systems can be found cheap on e-bay.

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