qt50 loss of power while driving


thanks for your advice, but now i have worse problems. i sprayed my carb and fuel line with carb cleaner line. i didnt see any dirt in the carb but very slight dirt in fuel line . but i didnt take the carb apart completely i just sprayed in the hole that the air filter is attached and in the other end where its attached to a metal pipe as well i sprayed in the hole where the fuel line is attached.

at first i didnt notice any difference but then i pulled the choke to see what that would do, big mistake. since then i would get more power but my engine will stop making the normal popping engine noise and make drone no power noise then continue popping. some times all i have to do to regain power is to re rev but the power varies from almost nothing to 30 to not working at all.

any suggestions?

Re: qt50 loss of power while driving

I would pull off the float bowl and clean in there, make sure the main jet and everything is clear.


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