Tomos engine knock

I am re-listing under the repair formun. I have a 1989 tomos bullet with 1042miles. I have cleared and cleaned the fuel system, and changed the transfluid(which looked good and at the correct level. The bike starts fine and idles smooth, when I start to drive it will go the about 10mph and then start knocking like crazy and no more acceleration. The engine also knocks to a stop when I shut it down. I starts again without trouble. Also it doesnt shift into second gear.

Re: Tomos engine knock

Take off the head, and remove the cylinder. Check for rod bearing play......any defects or looseness,especially in the upper rod bearing area.

Maybe before you do this, you should check that the magneto magnets aren't loose. don-ohio

Re: Tomos engine knock

am I checking for excessive play between the piston and the rod or the rod and the crank. what is the normal clearance like? Lastly where would you recommend I get replacement parts if I do need them. Thanks, greg

Re: Tomos engine knock

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