PA50 parts

just bought a 1978 honda hobbit for 25 bucks at a yard sale. runs well but needs a few things, especially a headlight bucket (yellow) and one of the side sheilds) know where to go to find this stuff?

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The Express headlight from a similar year is the same as the Hobbit .. that's where i got mine .. at a bike scrapyard.

Side covers (and all parts for that matter) can be hard to find .. but try local motorcycle salvage yards.

(Google your location / State and "motorcycle salvage yards" Call them and ask "Do you have anything with pedals?"

One guy answered "No" but i bought 2 Hobbits from him that he didn't know he had in the yard.

Re: PA50 parts

Check ebay for the headlight bucket. I saw one on there the other day. In automotive search on Honda Moped

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By side shields, do you mean one of the engine covers, or the little floorboard plastic pieces that are on top of the engine?

I have a couple of the engine covers, grey in color, left and right is pretty good shape if you are interested. Maybe $15 for each, $20 for both, not including shipping?

I have a couple of the floorboards as well, but they are not in very good shape, but are repairable. If that is what you need, I can give you more info and $5 plus shipping on each of those would be fine.

Re: PA50 parts

Frankman (or anyone else)

I had a closer look and her is what i need:

1. Yellow headlight bucket and front plastic ring part (yellow)

2. Right floor board

3. rear brake cable

4. Rear tailight (red lense for sure, but black plastic bucket part would be nice)

5. Probably more i haven't discovered yet.

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