Flywheel puller, DIY

OK, I am FAR too cheap to BUY a puller so I made one.

The minarelli flywheel on my bike has 3 windows that are big enough, so I bought three carriage bolts (Smallest guage they had at Lowes, about a 3/8 inch and maybe 3 inches long) and bought 6 nuts to match. Also bought a metal bracket that had three holes in a row on it that would line up with the center of the flywheel and two opposite windows. The carriage bolts (2) were able to squeeze into the windows and have enough of a head (that is also shallow) that they fit snugly against the back side of the window - they were lined up with the outer holes on the bracket and nuts were placed at the same point on both bolts. I lined the 3rd bolt up with the center hole in the bracket with nut under the bracket so when I tightened the bolt, it would pull on the windows of the flywheel. I used a thin bracket so if i put too much pressure on it, it would flex rather than damaging the flywheel.

Most importantly, I didn't put much pressure on the flywheel. I just got it tight and banged the flywheel with a rubber mallet. Then I physically pulled firmly on the puller and banged with the mallet and viola!

I spent the next hour and a half removing stripped screws from the coils and srator plate.

Re: Flywheel puller, DIY

Can we get a picture of this thing. Im looking to make one too.

Re: Flywheel puller, DIY

Jason Luther /

i had a similar idea floating around in my head, im glad to see that it works.

Re: Flywheel puller, DIY

A steering wheel puller available at any auto parts store can be used with the proper thread bolts for your flywheel.It costs less than 5 bucks.Jim

Re: Flywheel puller, DIY

I also made an engine stand for my Puch maxis' engine. It will support an e-50 or a za-50 engine either upside down or right side up depending on which repair needs to be made.It clamps in my bench vise.I made it out of 1 1/2" steel square tubing about 18" long more or less.Jim

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