Batavus Regency...

I finally got all the missing parts to my moped I recently bought. I figured from there, I'll just start her up real quick and cruise around the city......


So i'm not getting any spark. Replaced all the light bulbs and started to check out the points. I'm not exactly sure what is supposed to happen when the flywheel spins. I think they are supposed to open and close as the piston reaches and goes past TDC.

Well, as I spin the fly wheel, nothing moves other than the wheel itself. Is this correct? Where else can I check for "holes" in the electrical system.

Sorry so long winded.

Re: Electrical/Points

Ok. I did some more research. Apparently the largest gap should be approx. 0.016". I probably could not have seen that at dusk...and expecting a bit larger opening.

Does anyone know of any other tests to make sure my magneto components are functioning properly?


Re: Electrical/Points

"If spark does not occur: check magneto by cranking engine with headlamp on, if headlamp lights, magneto is functional."

Is this correct for all magnetos?

Re: Electrical/Points

What kind of moped is it?

Re: Electrical/Points

Don Pflueger /

here is a batavus service manual.


the laura m48 and m56 engines are adjusted the same way. at 2mm btdc the points should break. you can test this with an ohm meter or test light.

if you go to this link;


i explain how to make a piston depth guage to measure 2mm piston drop btdc so that you can adjust the points on a batavus. i cant remember the wire colors, but in the service manual it tells you which wire you can hook an ohm meter to so that when the engine turns you can see whether or not the points break.

Re: Electrical/Points

Don Pflueger /

that just means the lighting coil works. headlights are on a separate circuit from ignition.

Re: Electrical/Points

Don Pflueger /

Batavus Regency

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