Quick Gastket Question-Jawa 210 Sport

Hey guys im making a gasket right now for my intake/cylinder and the port for the cylinder is big and rectangular while the hole for the intake pipe is obviously round. do i cut my gasket with a rectangle or a hole? probably a dumb question but nobody is around to answer it for me. i would assume to cut it for the hole but just figured i would make use of this kick ass forum.

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If i get you right, you're saying the intake port on the cylinder is definately a rectangle .. and this rectangular cut is more than a shallow indentation where the port meets the manifold, while the rest of the port is actually round.

It's unusual that a manufacturer would do that .. there is normally a smooth transition from any round to square section. Is that a stock cylinder?

You could cut the gasket to match either shape. If some of the gasket's hole's edges are in the way of the flow, trim it.

"HERE IS":http://www.mopedriders.org/article_view.php?faq=2&fldAuto=17 a Jawa 210 service manual if you need one.

Re: Quick Gastket Question-Jawa 210 Sport

medalistenthusiast /

thanks a ton joe that manual is super helpful!!!

Re: Quick Gastket Question-Jawa 210 Sport

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