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The chain for the pedal-crank-pulley seems a bit loose. In fact, when I try to pedal the moped I can feel/see that chain slipping on the sprocket.

Can I knock a pin out of the chain, or do I have to buy a whole new one with a lessor amount of link? Or is it even something else?

Here's a pic. Thanks...I've gotten a lot of help here!


Re: Pulley Chain

if there are no adjustments, that chain is probably just old and worn and stretched out.. the sprockets' teeth appear to be in fair condition.

Make a length of chain out of brand new chain.. use the same number of links.. put it on and see if it's a lot better.

Re: Pulley Chain

if it's a bicycle sized chain get a chain link puller- it's a lot better than using a master link.

I don't know if you can find a half link that size, but it may be worth looking for.

Re: Pulley Chain -- Batavus

I checked on my moped for adjustment with that pulley chain. There doesn't seem to be any way to increase the separation.

Does anyone with a Batavus know how to tighten that chain? I have a new chain coming in a week or so...but I would like to try something in the mean time.

The pic is in the original posting.


Re: Pulley Chain -- Batavus

Chains are simple things.. you can make your own lengths.

Buy a chain tool at the bike shop..

Master links are nice to have (makes it easy to install/remove a chain) although you can make a chain without one.

Chains come in standard sizes. I don't know what size that one is but i bet its very standard. Go by a place that sells bikes or mini bikes... buy a couple feet of your size chain and the tool.

Re: Pulley Chain -- Batavus

Don Pflueger /

chain usually has a number stamped in its side. that is the size. yours should be 41, which is a bicycle chain for a single speed coaster brake type bicycle. i have the chain tool that joe posted. it works great. i dont know if a master link will fit into the area where you need the chain. so, if you need to press a pin back in, you need to make sure that you slightly mushroom the end of the pin once its pressed back thru. doing this will eliminate any chance of it pulling apart under load.

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