1977 Foxi GT maintenance questions

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Hi, all!

I found this site while trying to find some information on maintaining a moped I was given and hopefully I can get some answers.

I was given an orange, 1977 United Moped Foxi GT that supposedly only needed a throttle cable. Well, it ended up needing a complete fuel system degunking all the way from the inside of the tank, the filter screen, the fuel shut-off valve, and finally the hole in the main jet. I got it going and it runs great. It's kinda hard to ride one-handed while pulling on the broken throttle cable, though.

Is the throttle cable I need model specific, or can I get some sort of universal cable, as long as it is the right length with the right ends. I also need to get a speedometer cable. Is this something I can get new, or should I search in a moped graveyard. There is one in my area, but I have not made it there yet. Oh, yeah, it needs a pedal crank arm, also. I've just been giving it the ol' push start for now. Are the arms kind of universal across different models?

Another thing I need to know is what kind of fluid/oil to put in the transmission. During my searches, I have seen that some models take ATF, some gear oil, and others engine oil, but I have not seen anything for my specific model. I took off the plug on the left side of the transmission, and the oil that is in there now looks like it could have been ATF at one time. If it is ATF, what kind. Plain old ATF, Dexron, or Type F?

I also need to put some new bulbs in the taillight. The wattages needed are cast into the reflector, but it doesn't state what voltage. What voltage do I need?

I have also seen that there are variations of this model such as GT or GT Sport. What are the differences and how does one tell what model they have. Mine just says Foxi GT on the tank. Was there just a plain ol' Foxi, and the GT is something more, or were they all GTs.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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