Clutch Cables

Does anyone know if you can use a 1 speed clutch cable on a 2 speed engine? I have a Puch Newport II and i'm not sure if i can use a Puch Maxi cable.

Re: Clutch Cables

Unfortunately, I just went through this, and no you can't.

Apparently themopedjunkyard has the 2-speed cable they can make for you for $20, and I guess that's not a bad deal... but if you look at the cable end by unscrewing that metal cap thing under the plastic holder, it seems like a pretty easy cable end... something you could file down from the walmart bike cable pack...

Re: Clutch Cables

i saw that cable on themopedjunkyard but they have discontinued it. I can't seem to find on on mopedwarehouse either. I will take a look at the bike cable though.



Re: Clutch Cables

I think on one of the cable pages they said they can custom make them for $20... Yeah:

"PC-600 2-Speed Clutch / Starter cable $19.95- Now custom built with threaded end- no plastic cover"

Off their cable page...

Re: Clutch Cables

Does anyone know how to install this cable? I just bought the moped junkyard cable and I can't figure out how to get it on.

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