TFR Replacement Headlight

I picked up a 2003 Kinetic TFR last week and it has a broken glass on the headlight.

CosMotor does not think that it is valuable to respond to its customer questions and I dont want to pay their $50 replacement with a bulb.

Is there any place that I can pickup a replacement headlight housing including glass or an alternate replacement for the whole assembly or glass only?

Are the TFR parts under some china brand also?

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

no. i think that the tfr parts are all attainable through cosmopolitan motors or nothing on this bike assumes the chinese brand, but you can order most parts online or by phone. don't be discouraged. there are 1000s of kinetic tfrs out there. this is a good thing. when they imported so many of these, it meant that there were more parts to find and more bikes to work on. keep riding.

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

If you call see if you can talk to Bruce in parts and state your case.

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

Allen Murphy /

I broke mine, and had no problem getting a replacement,other than there are two different ones in production, so send in your old one for a match.

Be advised, the parts cost about $75!

Al Murphy

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

does it have to be a kinetic headlight?

i have a kinetic and i would like to replace my headlight consol with one i would like better.


TFR Replacement Headlight

"CosMotor does not think that it is valuable to respond to its customer questions "


I have no connection to Cosmotor, but they were having some huge email problems.

I had 4 or 5 bounce back as "undeliverable".

I just got an email from Joe Purshock and their email seems to be working now.

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

You can replace it with anything you can make fit.There will undoubtably be some modification/fabrication involved.Since the headlight shell also contains the speedometer,you will need to deal with that as well,or just get rid of it.On a moped,a speedometer really isn't all that necessary.All thats really necessary is that it have a 12 volt bulb.Before I sold my TFR,I replaced the $20 Cosmo only bulb with a standard $.99 automotive bulb.Required some slight modifications,but it worked fine.Jerry.

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

As far as I know,Cosmotors is the only source for TFR parts.I also had an '03 TFR.All the electrical parts on it are weird.You either have to pay their prices,or improvise something.Did you buy it new from Cosmotors?How did it get broken?I have dealt with Cosmotors on several occasions,and feel I was always treated fairly.Some of the prices may seem high,but Cosmotors has to get the parts from Kinetic.I don't think they are ripping anyone off.Call or E-mail them and talk to Colette or Joe.

Re: TFR Replacement Headlight

If you want replacement BULBS here is a listing that I have been able to compile:

HEADLIGHT= 6235B this is 35W/35W

TURN SIGNAL= 89 this is 10W

TAILLIGHT= 1157 this is 15W/5W

(did not replace since someone stole my tail light right off back of bike while in garage police id nothing. I replaced with a 6 LED light 4" dia. 3W/.3W. Much better on power consumption and takes vibrations no problems.)

SPARK PLUG = NGK B5HS a little hotter but not much

INNER TUBE= 20" bicycle inner tube will work in a pinch

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