Finally got it - 77 Puch Maxi

Well, I finally got my 77 Puch Maxi running pretty good.

The third piece of ultra thin stainless steel wire in the jet seems to have gotten it just right. I can hit 30-32 mph right now, and it accelerates quickly. Also, I took some of your suggestions and did the following 3 things to the airbox.

1. Cleaned with gas, and blew out with forced air.

2. Removed the snorkel.

3. Cut off the nub that the snorkel came out of (as if the snorkel was the nipple and the nub was the aeriola of a titty).

After riding over a mile or so however, the engine can be a little tough to turn over. I have to peddle down the street, then hit the starting clutch to get the engine to turn over. Then it runs great. I truly do not believe that the engine is siezing up because after it starts it runs free and easy, no lag or drag whatsoever. Any thoughts??

Thanks, Bill

Re: Finally got it - 77 Puch Maxi

Some engines just get finniky with old age.. just like old people.

I don't know the answer to your question, I really only replied because of your hilarious nipple metaphor.

Re: Finally got it - 77 Puch Maxi

do a top speed plug chop.

Buy a brand new plug.

Thoroughly warm up the engine.

Install the new plug and run at top speed for about a mile. Kill the engine and coast to a stop. Put the old plug back in, drive home and examine the new plug under magnification.

Look closely at the sharp edges of the plug's electrodes.. they should look brand new, not rounded over as if melting. The porcelain insulator's nose should not have any tiny specks of aluminum on it and should be smooth and white in color as if brand new.

If the plug shows none of these signs of overheating, air:fuel mixture and ignition timing are probably ok.

Describe what you mean by "turn over" Do you mean the piston is locked up? .. or that the crankshaft does turn easily and normally, as when cold, but the bike will not restart?

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