gas degreaser

I'm cleaning the tank w/ s step kreme. Says to have no oil in tank before use. Which is the best, pure simple green? (thats what I got in the house)


Re: gas degreaser

s=3 step

Re: gas degreaser

i'd feel better about it if using a good detergent .. something that rinses completely and easily .. like dish-detergent. What's Kreem recommend?

Re: gas degreaser

they just recommend a degreaser, nothing specific


Re: gas degreaser

Ben Van Zoest /

I have use piping hot water with dish wasing soap w/ excellent results, slosh the tank good and well, rinse with piping hot water and let her dry in the sun...

Re: gas degreaser

After the the hot rinse use a cold rinse too. Cold water rinses soap of better than hot.

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