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Hi everyone,

Re: 77 Puch Maxi, 2hp

You've been so helpful in the past with great answers to all my questions, I have 2 more.

1. When my spark plug gets fouled with gas (flooded) the plug stops working (no spark). Replacing it with a new one solves the problem, but is the old plug gone for good, or is there something I can do to reuse it??

2. I have a Champion L82C plug now. Is this the right one?? If not, which do I use, and does it cross reference to other manufacturer's plugs (Bosch, NGK, ND, etc... I actually like ND and NGK plugs best.

Thanks, Bill

Re: Which Spark Plug

The NGK plug that you want is the B6HS to replace the Champion. As far as reusing plugs, try it and see. I would think that they would work as long as they're not gunked up and covered in really bad oil.

Re: Which Spark Plug

What he said ^

Clean the 'old' plugs well, use some medium grit emery cloth on the electrodes. set the gap properly. and keep them for spares.

Re: Which Spark Plug

Motobecane Master /

I'm gonna jump in here instead of starting a new thread. I have a Garelli Supersport XL that needs a new spark plug but I don't know what to get. Anyone on here know?

Re: Which Spark Plug

Paul -

The Super Sport LTD uses a Champion L82C/RL82C.

I'm sure you can cross-reference that to NGK, Bosch or whatever.

This Champion listing is over at Moped Riders.


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