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Last month I purchased a Chicken Power engine for $100 on eBay that I was told ran perfectly. Maybe it does, but I am missing the part that connects the throttle cable to the carburator that makes the engine speed go faster and slower. I promised my son I would have this installed and working on his bike by Aug. 12th. Can anyone help me ???

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Michael Schumacker /

im not understanding what u are saying but take it to a shop show someone who works there your problem and ask if they have the piece you need throttle cble parts are cheap so no worries

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The Schwinn Fastback bike and motor are currently in Frank's Bike Shop in Dunkirk, NY tel. 716-366-2731. Frank tells me that because the connection between the throttle cable and the part that adjusts the fuel feed to the engine is very unusual that he cannot improvise by using any other moped or lawn mower part as he has tried and cannot make it work. It may take months for me to find this missing piece. In my mind it doesn't seem like this should be that difficult, but Frank assures me it is very difficult. If you have any ideas I'm all ears. Thanks.

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i once waited 3 months for Honda to get me a top-cap for a carburetor.. That's the part the cable feeds through on top of the carb.. It screws onto the carb.

While waiting I modified the carb's threads to fit another, larger top cap .. it's too difficult to explain in detail but i used a metal filled epoxy and virtually reformed the top of the carb.

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There is a forum that I participate in for Solexes that I have seen people mentioning Chicken Power motors, since they are similar to Solexes, both being roller drive. It is a Yahoo group called Solex Owners of America and can be accessed through the website homepage. You may want to post on there and see if anybody responds. You can also search the old posts to find the posts dealing with the Chicken Power and then try to contact that person through his post which will have his email address. I think the fellow's Yahoo name on the site was something like silverbear. And I'm pretty sure his posts were within the last year. I have a Chicken Power motor that a friend gave to me that I know nothing about and I'm sure there are parts missing. I took a quick look at it and it does look a bit difficult to hook up a regular cable, especially since everything is miniature and also there is not much room to work in that area of the motor. But, nothing is impossible. (Except maybe finding the correct cable!) Finding a manual for the motor and getting a picture of what you need would help your mechanic if you have not done so already. Best of luck. BrianSolex

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