TFR kill switch

I was riding my moped the other night and went to hit the kill switch on the right side of the handle bar.

Nothing happened, the engine kept running.

I inspected it the next day and noticed that a white wire

had come loose that leads to the switch.

There wasn't any obvious place where it came from,

the was annother bundle of wires near it that were sheathed

and electrical taped in one area near the whit wire that came loose.

I removed the tape expecting to find a loose wire not

attached to anything, but I didn't see anything.

Does anyone know where or what color wire this loose

white wire attaches to? I can cut it off by turning the key

but I'd really like for the kill switch to work.



Re: TFR kill switch

according to my tfr wiring diagram, the white wire coming from your ignition switch connects to an orange one. look for a loose orange wire around that bunch. let us know what you find. otherwise, it's good to have the tfr equipped with abilities to kill via keys or decompression lever.

Re: TFR kill switch

Thanks Czar,

I'll check it out when I get home.

BTW I was down in your neck of the woods this past week.

I spent 4 days down at Sullivans Island.

Unbelievably hot in Charleston!!

You can have it!

God's Peace


Re: TFR kill switch

sullivan's is my favorite island in the area. if it weren't for my moped, i'd likely melt. getting ready to ride over the new suspension bridge. good luck with the electrical.

Re: TFR kill switch

I rode over the suspension bridge on my motorcycle while I was there. I can get gusty sometimes at the top

so be careful.



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