how much fluid in the trans

i just purchased a 78 tomos A3SP and am working on getting it cleaned up and running smooth after what appears to be a bit of abuse by the previous owner. i'm currently changing the fluids and i'm wondering how much and what kind of oil goes in the transmission. a couple of other posts mentioned both type f and regular 10 w 30 motor oil. i would appreciate any advice given. this is my first moped and i want to do it right.

Re: how much fluid in the trans

John Joedicke /

10w 30 is what you need in that transmission.

Re: how much fluid in the trans

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

i was under the impression that 10w30 is motor oil. 30 weight trans fluid is what you need.

Re: how much fluid in the trans

where do you change the tranny fluid on a newer tomos? mine is due for a change i bet.....


Re: how much fluid in the trans

thanks for the help, any idea as to how much? a previous post listed 300ml as about the right amount, but that was on a newer a35 model. thanks again for the help!

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